Check out my latest project on Behance

Check out my latest project on Behance

Alex Hohlov

Artist & Designer

Alex is a multidisciplinary graphic artist who is passionate about abstract art and design. He is influenced by the technological age of the Internet. He combines various software and techniques to create unique and visually compelling pieces. His work is the result of a patiently developed method, linked to his various artistic practices.

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Treasure The Chaos

Creative Process

Alex's creative process is characterized by a systematic and technical approach, divided into four stages: Exploration and Experimentation, Sketching and Ideation, Iteration and Refinement, and Creation.

He employs various digital tools and techniques to produce unique and vibrant patterns and compositions, captures the essence of his concepts through sketching, creates multiple iterations of his designs using algorithms, and refines each piece until he is satisfied with the final result. 

By emphasizing experimentation, technology, and iteration, Alex's creative process consistently yields unconventional and unexpected outcomes that challenge his preconceived notions.

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