Alex Hohlov is an Estonian-American multidisciplinary graphic artist currently residing in Philadelphia. He is deeply passionate about abstract art and design. He has been influenced by the technological age that has enabled so many young people to unlock life's mysteries through the Internet.

Over the years, Alex has developed an ever-evolving style that has been shaped by his design background and his constant experimentation with new techniques and software. He is deeply committed to exploring the creative potential of problem-solving. His work is driven by a fresh perspective that seeks to uncover new and unexpected solutions.

Through his willingness to allow chance to play a role in his work, Alex is constantly able to achieve unexpected results that challenge his own conventional ideas about art and design. He always believed that the greatest solutions come from approaching a problem from a new angle and has taken this mindset into his art, constantly pushing the limits of what is possible and exploring the unknown.

Inquiries: veaone[at]gmail[dot]com


As an artist, my work often delves into three complex and intertwined themes: the subconscious, our relationship with technology, and self-identity.

The subconscious is a fascinating aspect of the human mind, one that operates beyond our conscious awareness and often deals with the instinctive and emotional aspects of human behavior. In my work, I use techniques like symbolism, abstraction, and surrealism. These approaches help me to uncover those deep-seated emotions, desires, and motivations that are lurking beneath the surface. It is all about tapping into that sense of mystery and ambiguity that makes the subconscious so damn intriguing. 

I am interested in how technology has transformed our lives and our understanding of ourselves. I question the role of technology in society, examine the impact of social media on our perception of self, and investigate the boundaries between human and technology.

I am fascinated by the way we perceive ourselves and the way others see us. It is a complex and ever-shifting dynamic, in which I am always trying to get to the heart of what makes us who we are.

By exploring the interplay of these themes, my art aims to reveal the complexities and contradictions of the human experience. I hope to inspire viewers to question their own assumptions and beliefs about themselves and the world around them.